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       Anderson Sisters Rocky Reneau
              Sarah Hoch, Kim Stowe, Over and Over
                 and Lorie Self Show Me the Cross
  Redeemed Wilt Thou be Made Whole?
  God's Word Show me the Cross (with Tyler)
  Some Call it Home Beulah Land
  How Does it Feel Where the Timbers Cross
  I Enjoy the Trip   Once Was Enough
  The Anchor Holds   How Great Thou Art
  Set Another Place At the Table   He Saw It All
  In the Twinkling of an Eye   Grace Will Always Be Greater Than Sin
  I Am Redeemed   Beulah Land
  His Grace is Sufficient   My Home
  The Great I Am Still is   I Believe the Gospel
  Old Time Religion  

By Your Grace For Your Glory (Amanda)

  If You Knew Him   I Thirst
  He Took My Case  
  Make mine the Real Thing    
  What's that for a Healer    
  The Church Shall Forever Stand ( W/ Katelyn, Monica) Randy Phillippe
  Sinner Saved By Grace (W/ Monica) God of the Mountain
  Four Days Late (w/ Monica, Lindsay) I Take Him Back
  Always God of Every Situation
  That's How You'll Get Through   I've Read the Back of the Book
  Christ Is Still The King   I'm A Winner Either Way
  As For Me ANd My House   He Was Thinking of Me When He Died
    Over on the Other Side
       Sarah Hoch   I'm Not For Sale
  The Judgement   I Have Been Rescued
  What A Joyfull Morning   Jesus Made the Way
  There Rose A Lamb   Thats How it Happened to Me
  I Will Talk to My Father for You   I've Been Touched (Randy and Audra)
  It's Over   Make My Life a Witness
  Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)   It was Jesus (Audra)
  It's All About the Blood   I'm One Blessed Man
  Praise His Name  
  Arise My Love   You'll See
  Praise God, It's Settled, I'm Saved   There Is A God (w/ Kim, Lorie, Sarah)
  Stand Still and Let God Move  
  Sometimes He Calms The Storm    
  One Touch    
  Thats How Heaven Will Be    
  One More Time    
  His Life for Mine Rocky, Lorie, and Sarah
  I Shall Return Forever Changed
  The Blood Covered it All When Justice Called
  Had it not been Just in Time
  I Can Pray Through The First Time I Called, He Came
  We Bless Your Name   Every Knee Shall Bow
  Blessings   Keep Pressing On
  There Is A Way   Just One Drink
  It Made News In Heaven   The Old Gospel Story
  He'll Do It Again   Come See the Man
  Redeemed   This Crown of Thorns
      That Very Moment
      Walkin The Sea
      Calvary's the Reason Why
    One Scared Hand (Stephanie)
      Lorie Self    
  Christians Never Say Goodbye    
  O For A Thousand Tongues    
  Royal Descendent    
  It Satisfies Me Appleby Baptist Church Groups
  Jesus Has Conquered the Grave   Terry Rice, Randy and Audra Phillippe, Mark and Alex Dees
  Lord It Hurts, (But You're Still God)   Sarah and Monica Hoch, Sam and April Anderson, and Julie Rice
  Is It Any Wonder?   Your The Rock
  A Trophy of Grace   I Thank You Lord
  Going Home   I'm Headed Home
  We are not Home Yet   Light On My Feet
  Lord You are the Best Thing    
  Since Jesus Passed By    
  He Didn't throw Away the Clay    
  Marvelous Grace    
  The Potter Knows the Clay    
  Mercy Walked In    
  Since Jesus Passed By Karen Shoemaker
  Just One More Soul   The Answer is Christ
  Child Child   Who am I
  He Will Remember Me   More Like You
  All of Me   I'm Drinking From My Saucer
     He Loves Me   I Can Pray
  Did I Mention   I'm Amazed
  All is Well   Holy Ground
  Sometimes It Takes a Mountian   Whosoever
  Anchore Of Hope   Greater Yes
  Royal Descendant   The First Time I Saw Love
      Born To Die
      People Need the Lord
      I Will Go On
    I Will Glory In The Cross
      For Every Cross There Is A Crown
      The Tomb Wasn't Empty
  Kids   Calvary Answers for Me
  Seek Ye First   Just Ask
  Master of the Wind (Lindsey)   Unworthy
  Wonderful Words of Life   The Word of the Lord Will Come
  If you want to go to Heaven (Monica)   That Name is Jesus
  Jesus Loves Me (Natalie Stowe)   I Might Go Home Today
  Don't Start Looking at the Water   My Hope Is In The Lord
  God is so Good   There is Power in His Name
  God makes alot of a little   Thanks to Calvery and Amazing Grace with Stephanie
  Help me stand (Monica)   I Pledge Allegiance
      Watch the Lamb
Monica Hoch   The Shepards Point of View
  When Heaven Calls   I Still Have It all (Rocky)
  Above All (piano Monica)   He's all I need
  I've Just Started Living (w/ Family)   Master I see
  God Handled It All (w/ Family)   For All He's Done
  Can He Could He Would He ( w/Jacob, Addison)   Thanks To Calvery and Amazing Grace (w/Stephanie Baker)
  Say Amen (w/ Sarah)   A Miracle In Every Pew
  I've Got A Reservation (w/Family)   God Wants To Hear You Sing
  Tomorrow   A Moment Of Grace
  I Choose To Be A Christian   Jesus Changed Everything
  Prior To A Prayer W/ Sarah    
       Stephanie Baker and Amanda Hilliard    
  Who am I Shanda Casper
  Gift of Grace   Victory in Jesus
  I Can See Heaven   I Give You Thanks
  It's My Desire   The Sweetest Song
  It's Still the Cross   Bow the Knee
  Child Of The Light   God Has Been Good
  Grace is Greater Still   No Matter What (Shanda, Bailey and Lorie)
  The Cross   For the Life of Me
  Calvary Conquers It All   I Saw Love
  Midnight Cry   Sinner Saved by Grace
  Thank God For Grace   What a Day (Alex)
  Even in the Valley   One Step at a Time
  In the Presence of Jehovah   Blessed Assurance (Alex)
  Made by Mercy   Create in me a Clean Heart
  It Is Well   Holy Clouds
  Your Grace Still Amazes Me   Thread Of Hope
  God Saw a Cross  
  When God Has Another Plan   I'm Trusting The Blood
  I Believe God   Beulah Land
  The Cross Was Enough   I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gosple
  Healer of My Heart (Kathy Wallace)    
  Just As I AM    
  Thank God For Grace    
  Child Of The Light w/Evie and Brookelyn    
    Terry RIce (Guitar) Randy Phillippe ( Guitar, Mandoline, Banjo)

Be Not Afraid (Randy, Sarah, and Terry)

Kathy Wallace    

He Came Looking For Me (Monica and Sarah)

  The Altar   What a Friend (Randy and Terry)
  It's Love   That's No Mountain (Sarah and Monica)
  How Will You Plea   Don't ya want to go
  A Mansion With A View   When God Dips His Love ( Kim, Lorie, Sarah)
  It's My Desire   Both Sides Of The River ( Kim,Lorie,Sarah)
    In Your Arms (Stephanie Randy)
      A Brighter Day (Nathan and Monica)
      Unspoken Request (Rocky Reneau)
      Without Him (Kim, Lorie, Sarah)
      Questions (Monica, Sarah written by Sarah)
Nathan and The Blood Washed band    
  Step Into The Water ( W/ Jacob, Monica, Addison & Natalie)    
  Blood Washed Band ( W/ Jacob, Monica, Addison & Natalie)    
  One Way Flight    
    Lindsay Self
  Bailey, Blake and Bethany Casper   All Of Me
  God Doesn't Think Like Me   Master Of The Wind W/Lorie
  Nothing Is Worrying Me (W/Bethany)   How deep The Fathers Love (w/Lorie)
  I've Made Up My Mind ( W/ Blake and Bethany)   Land Of Endless Tomorrow (w/Loorie)
  I Can Trust Jesus   I AM Blessed (w/Lorie)
  It Matters To The Master   The Message Og The Cross
  The Battles Not Mine    
  Wherever You Are